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Water Tanks Cungulla

Rainwater Tanks Cungulla

It’s essential to find ways to collect and store water that’s safe for any household or commercial needs. Cungulla does get way more rainfall than the national annual average. Taking advantage of this by collecting rainwater in rainwater tanks for day-to-day use makes the most out of the rainy days. Tanks Direct offers the appropriate rainwater tanks that’ll fit your premises and needs!

Discover Our Water Tanks in Cungulla

A rainwater poly tank has all the right features to store water safely and can be manufactured in many different shapes and sizes to suit a variety of needs and usages. No matter what kind of needs you have for poly tanks in Cungulla, we have the right products for you.

Round Tanks Less Than 10000L

Small round tanks, i.e., the ones under 10,000L, are more prominent in residential and smaller commercial places. Tanks Direct makes small poly tanks in Cungulla in many colours and sizes, with volumes ranging from 500L to 8250L in volume. These tanks are made to last and always keep your water fresh. All necessary Australian standards are followed in their manufacture. Moreover, you get 25 years of warranty on all these tanks.

Round Tanks More Than 10000L

Tanks of larger volume that are above 10,000L are most useful in large commercial, corporate, industrial, and agricultural concerns. They are built using rotomoulding techniques to be able to withstand the larger volume of liquids and conform with the latest Australian standards. You will get them in volumes from 10,250L to 47,000L as well as in several colour and design options. For a tension-free experience, we provide 25 years of warranty on all of them.

Industrial Tanks

Industrial tanks must be built with special technology so that they are extra-strong and robust. This is because industrial tanks must store harsher and heavier liquids that most industrial tanks would not be able to tolerate or store safely. Tanks Direct makes the best industrial poly tanks in Cungulla that are designed to hold liquids like molasses, waste, and chemicals. They have thicker walls and special reinforcements to provide extra durability. They can carry liquids of specific gravity up to 1.5. our models come in volumes from 500L to 35,250L and can even be built specially to suit niche requirements for any industrial usage.

Slimline Tanks

If your property has some unused space or is too small to house a round tank, the best option is to get a slimline tank. These tanks have a narrow width and fit in the smallest of places. That way, you will be to enjoy the benefits of rainwater harvesting and not have to deal with space shortage either. Our slimline tanks in Cungulla come in a wide range of colours and designs and can be found in 3000L and 5000L versions. Our slimline tanks are built according to Australian industry standards, coming with a warranty of 10 years.

Stock Water Tanks

Stock water tanks are used on farms and animal stations to store water for the livestock to drink. They are extremely important in animal husbandry as your animals need much more water than your family in a day and you cannot let them suffer from thirst during dry days. Our stock water tanks in Cungulla are made in volumes from 21,500L to 47,000L. Along with the tank, you will also receive accessories like a screw-on lid, 2″ inlet suitable for float, 2″ brass outlet, and ball valve and a 90mm stainless steel mosquito-proof overflow.

Other Products

We also sell other products like cartage tanks, molasses tanks, feeds and water troughs, tank accessories like water tank pumps, water diverter kits, tank valves and fittings and mosquito screens and strainers.

Why Choose Tanks Direct?

Top-Quality Water Tanks at Affordable Prices

Tanks Direct knows the importance of making its products strong and durable. Water tanks are quite an investment and should be able to perform the function they are bought for. Our poly tanks in Cungulla are made with food-grade, UV-stabilised polyethylene with no BPA. They are ISO-certified (AS/NZ ISO 9001:2008) and follow all Australian national standards for these products. They come with 25 years of warranty and are well within your budget without any compromise in quality.

End-to-End Services for Zero Hassle

Tanks Direct believes that good customer service is the key to business success. That is why we ensure that we take care of everything from contact to installation so that you don’t have to worry about anything. We will help you choose the right tank for you, get it delivered to your doorstep within our service area for a small or no fee and then help you in preparing the land and installing the tank.

Wide Variety of Products for Your Needs

One of the biggest advantages of shopping with us is that we have a wide variety of colours, styles, and designs of poly tanks in Cungulla that you can choose from. Usually, companies do not provide many choices in this respect and focus more on functionality. However, we deliver on both fronts. We have a diverse range of products from tanks and troughs to all kinds of tank accessories and fittings.

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