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Water Tank Bowen

Efficient Water Storage Tanks in Bowen

Bowen is a humble little town set on the north-eastern coast of Queensland. It enjoys a warm, predominantly dry tropical savannah climate. With a population of around 10,300, this region has quite a fertile soil and agriculture is, therefore, the main industry here. Being a peninsular region, Bowen is surrounded by the ocean on all three sides and has numerous beaches that attract several tourists all-round the year. After agriculture, the other most important industries in this area are mining, fishing and tourism.

As far as precipitation goes, Bowen has wet summers and dry winters. The annual mean rainfall in Bowen is higher than in the state and the country. However, due to the shadow effect created by Gloucester Island which lies close to this peninsular town, the amount of rainfall is a lot less in Bowen than in its surrounding regions. So, it is justified to say that Bowen can use safe and efficient methods to store water in preparation for dry days. When you think water storage, you can’t help but think Tanks Direct, a premier manufacturer of polymer water tanks in Bowen.


Tanks Direct Water Tanks – Durable and Dependable

Tanks Direct is a leading manufacturer of polymer water tanks in Queensland. Having started in 2001, we design and build some of the most durable water tanks that can endure the harsh climatic conditions of Australia. Our tanks are 100% Australian–made and thus, you can be assured of their quality as we make sure that every quality stipulation for Australian manufacturers is followed strictly. We are also officially endorsed for our quality standards in addition to being ISO certified.


We supply tanks of varied sizes to cater to your varied requirements. Be it industrial, rural, agricultural, commercial, or residential, we have the right-sized tanks for all your needs. Our tanks are rust-free, extra strong and designed to serve their specific purposes like holding water and sundry other purposes. We also supply tanks to builders for their various construction projects and can deliver the tanks to your site anywhere in the central and northern areas of Queensland.


Rainwater Tanks in Bowen

Our rainwater tanks come in various sizes and designs to suit various types of requirements. Take a look at our range.


Round Tanks Under 10 Kl

These are small-sized tanks under 10,000 litres in capacity. With sizes ranging from 500 litres to approximately 8250 litres, these tanks are made from high-quality food grade, UV-stabilised polyethylene with standardised watermarked fittings. These small water tanks come with a warranty of 25 years.


Round Tanks Over 10 Kl

These are our large tanks which are also made of high-quality, food-grade, UV-stabilised, BPA-free polyethylene. Guaranteed to endure all types of climatic conditions, these tanks are built as a single piece with no side seams. Just like the small ones, our large water tanks also come with a warranty of 25 years.


Industrial Tanks – Bowen

The industrial tanks at Tanks Direct are designed to serve a variety of industrial purposes. They are thicker than water tanks and can hold chemicals, molasses, waste, and high-density liquids. These tanks come in a range of industrial sizes from 500 litres to 35,250 litres.


Slimline Tanks– Bowen

Slimline tanks are the best fit for properties that have limited space. These tanks, just like our round tanks, are available in a range of colours and are made of BPA-free, high-quality food-grade polyethylene. They are easily manoeuvrable and come with watermarked fittings. Our slimline tank range has a solid 10-year warranty.


Stock Water Tanks– Bowen

Stock water tanks at Tanks Direct are available in varied sizes. Starting with 22,730 litres, we have tanks up to 47,000 litres in capacity. Our stock water tanks have a screw-on lid, a 2-inch inlet, a 2-inch brass outlet and a ball valve. They are also fitted with a stainless steel mosquito-proof overflow.


Our Other Products

Besides rainwater tanks, we have other products with agricultural and industrial functions.


Cartage Tanks– Bowen

Our cartage tanks are best suited to transport water as well as molasses. While these tanks come in varied sizes, they also have different thicknesses, depending on what they are meant to transport.


Molasses Tanks– Bowen

Thicker than the normal water tanks, the molasses tanks are made to store high-grade molasses with a specific gravity of 1.5. Made specifically for industrial usage, our molasses tanks come in a range of capacities, from 500 litres to 35,250 litres.


Feed and Water Troughs– Bowen

The feed and water troughs at Tanks Direct are quite durable and safe. We have Round Troughs that are strong and extra thick to withstand all types of wear. Our round troughs come in a range of sizes from 300 litres to 1,750 litres. We also have the Long Yard Troughs that are long-lasting and come in two sizes – 200 litres and 820 litres. Our Safety Tread Trough and the Roller Licker Ball Trough are super strong and durable in addition to providing greater safety for your cattle.


Tank Accessories– Bowen

Besides a whole range of rainwater and industrial tanks, we also provide tank accessories. At Tanks Direct, you get the best quality pumps for your water tanks in addition to tank valves and fittings. We also have the complete water diverter kits and mosquito screens and strainers.


Why Tanks Direct?

We offer a wide range of sizes and colours, top quality, safe construction and competitive prices which are factors effective enough to make you choose Tanks Direct for your water tank requirements. However, here are a few more reasons to choose us over other water tank brands in Bowen.


Single Piece Construction

Our tanks are sturdy and are constructed in a single piece offering you the assurance of quality and durability. We are so confident about the strength of our single-piece tanks that we offer a money-back guarantee on it too.


No Vertical Side Seams

Vertical side seams that run through the height and base of the tank can be potential weak points. Over time, these seams may rupture due to the constantly high water pressure at the bottom. Our tanks have horizontally-placed join lines at the top of the tank which ensures that the pressure does not affect the join line in any way.


Self-Supported Roofs

Tanks Direct supplies water tanks that have fully self-supporting roofs. There are no poles or any other supporting structures in the tank that may damage the tank itself.


Ribbed Side Walls

Our water tanks have more ribs than usual water tanks. This ensures increased strength and extra support to the side walls when the tank is full.


Quality Assurance

At Tanks Direct, you get tanks that come with 100% quality assurance. Being a completely Australian-made product, our tanks are made from top-quality polyethylene that is UV-stabilised and BPA-free. Our tanks come with Watermarked fittings and are rust and corrosion free. They do not change the taste or quality of water and are uniquely designed to serve their intended purposes.


For the best quality water tanks in Bowen, call Tanks Direct.

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