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Water Tanks Supplier Charters Towers

Charters Towers is located close to the breathtaking Great Barrier Reef in Far North Queensland and is home to the Wet Tropics World Heritage Rainforest. As per the Queensland government regulations, it is voluntary to install rainwater tanks and other supplementary water supply systems. If the property falls within local government jurisdiction that has been ratified by the pertinent Queensland Development Code, it is mandatory to install water tanks.

Discover Our Water Tanks in Charters Towers

We provide a variety of water tanks both for residential and industrial purposes

Round Tanks Less Than 10000L

We provide colourful, top-tier, and budget-friendly small round water tanks in Charters Towers with a 25-year warranty. You can choose a 500L round tank (TD100), 5250L Round Tank (TD1200), 8250L Round Tank (TD1750), etc.

Round Tanks More Than 10000L

We offer heavy-duty and top-notch large water tanks in Charters Towers that comply with Australian Standards. You get access to reasonably priced and exquisite tanks. There are 10250L Round Tanks (TD2400), 26000L Round Tanks (TD6000), 47000L Round Tanks (TD10300), and more, which are warranted for 25 years.

Industrial Tanks

Our custom industrial tanks are specially designed to contain all types of industrial liquids (chemicals, molasses, etc.) and wastes with a 1.5 specific gravity. The industrial tanks are built thicker than our water tanks to support higher-density products and conform to advanced engineering standards. There are various tanks, such as 500L, 2,300L, 3,400L, 5,000L, 10,250L, 18,500L, 26,000L, 35,250L, etc. These tanks can hold from 100 gallons to 8,000 gallons of products.

Slimline Tanks

We sell residential, commercial, and rural slimline tanks that are durable, competitively priced, and efficient. These poly tanks in Charters Towers (100% food grade) can be accommodated in tight spaces making it suitable for small businesses. Furthermore, the UV-resistant and corrosion-proof tanks are ideal for harsh weather conditions. You can opt for 3000L Slimline (SL3000) or 5000L Slimline (SL5000) tanks.

Stock Water Tanks

Tanks Direct provides high-quality ploy stock water tanks in Charters Towers of different sizes and capacities. You can opt for 22,730L, 21,500L, 26,000L, 32,250L, and 47,000l tanks with which you get screw-on lids, 2” inlet, 2” brass outlet, and stainless-steel mosquito-proof overflow. The tanks can hold from 5000 gallons to 10,300 gallons of water.

Farming Water Tanks and Products

Cartage Tanks

We manufacture a range of transport tanks that are convenient for cartage or other liquids. You can choose our 650L, 1,000L, and 3,000L tanks which are available in faint green and beige colours.

Molasses Tanks

We have an extensive range of sturdy molasses tanks which are built to the highest engineering standard. The poly tanks in Charters Towers can hold the highest grade of molasses with specific gravity of 1.5. You can opt for a 3,400L Tank, 8,250L Tank, 32,500L Tank, etc.

Feed & Water Troughs

Our stackable round, long, safety tread, and roller licker ball troughs are highly portable. The extra-thick construction prevents easy wear and ensures durable usage. You get the troughs in jazz and black colours.

Why Choose Tanks Direct?

Strength and Durability

Our tanks here at Tanks Direct are manufactured with quality, being able to withstand harsh environmental conditions in both residential and industrial applications. The one-piece construction ensures zero weak points and contributes to impact resistance. Furthermore, we assure a money-back guarantee that our tanks are manufactured and delivered in one piece with a pristine tank interior.

One-Piece Construction

The one-piece construction ensures zero weak points and contributes to impact resistance. Furthermore, weassure money-back guarantee that our tanks are manufactured and delivered in one piece with a pristine tank interior.

Great Customer Service

Tanks Direct has over 20 years of experience, we are seasoned water tank experts in Charters Towers, understanding the requirements of the people and delivering solutions that meet them. Our friendly and experienced team makes choosing, buying, and installing tanks easier than ever. We even do doorstep delivery and help you with the installation process. Delivery might be free or nominally charged based on the distance of your location from our nearest center.

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