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Water Tanks Supplier Cairns

Tanks Direct supplies high-quality water tanks in Cairns for both residential and industrial purposes. With over 20 years of experience, we have been supplying high-quality water tanks built to last and withstand harsh environmental conditions. Be ensured that all your water tank solutions in Cairns will be met through us!

Discover Our Water Tanks in Cairns

We provide a variety of water tanks both for residential and industrial purposes

Round Tanks Less Than 10000L

Small round tanks come under 10,000L and despite their smaller size, are made according to Australian standards to be heavy-duty and highly functional. We make them in sizes ranging from 500L to 8250L. They come in several colours and designs and have 25 years of warranty on them.

Round Tanks More Than 10000L

Large water tanks are above 10,000L and you will find them in capacities from 10,250L to 47,000L in our stock. Made in a range of colours and designs, every piece is durable and high-quality, being made in accordance with Australian standards. They come with 25 years of warranty.

Industrial Tanks

We understand that industrial tanks experience far harsher conditions than those used in businesses, farms, or households. Hence, they must be built to be more heavy-duty than the rest and Clark Tanks has got your back in that. Not only are our industrial tanks made with advanced rotomoulding technology and conforms to all necessary standards, but they are also made thicker than other general water tanks for extra sturdiness. You will get them in volumes from 500L to 35,250L.

Slimline Tanks

If you have limited space, some extra unused area, or an oddly shaped space on your premises, a slimline tank is a great idea. Our slimline tanks are hardy and easy to install while being affordably priced and available in a variety of colours. Get them in 3000L and 5000L variants with 10 years of warranty.

Stock Water Tanks

Stockwater tanks are very useful in farms and barns. Our products are made using rotomoulding techniques and come in various designs and colours. They have a screw-on lid and 90mm stainless steel mosquito-proof overflow. You can avail of them in sizes from 22,730L to 47,000L.

Farming Water Tanks and Products

Cartage Tanks

Tanks Direct offers a wide array of slimline water tanks in Cairns to cater to residential, commercial, and rural needs. Our slimline tanks are highly flexible, efficient, and long-lasting, available in 3000L Slimline (SL3000) or 5000L Slimline (SL5000), which are watertight and made from top-tier UV-resistant polyethylene. There is no BPA and you get drinking water with a consistent taste.

Molasses Tanks

Our Molasses tanks are made of industrial-grade polyethylene and are intended to store the highest grade of molasses with a specific gravity of 1.5. Furthermore, these tanks can endure highly dense products. There is a range of options available from 500L to 35,250L tanks.

Feed & Water Troughs

At Tanks Direct, our feed and troughs come in round, long, safety tread, and roller licker ball troughs. These troughs are built for heavy-duty use and for offering dependable service. Furthermore, they are safe and can be stacked and moved quickly.

Why Choose Tanks Direct?

Strength and Durability

No one can beat Tanks Direct when it comes to quality. All our tanks are manufactured using advanced technology for the best results. We use pure, food-grade polyethylene for safe water storage. Certain structural components added to the tanks, like ribbed side walls, self-supported roof, thickened walls at the base, and one-piece construction and delivery make these tanks especially reinforced for strength. Tanks above 5000L are made with tapered walls. Being locally made directly in our manufacturing unit, we can monitor the quality of each product for a complete guarantee. Moreover, as an ISO 9001-certified company, we comply with all necessary standards and regulations to ensure that you get products of the best quality every time you buy from us.

Comprehensive Variety of Tanks Products

When it comes to rainwater tanks, we have the largest variety of products in Cairns. We make and sell large and small round tanks, industrial tanks, slimline tanks, stockwater tanks, and many other types of tanks as well as accessories. They come in a diverse range of colours, designs, and volumes. Our products can be used for a variety of purposes, from residential and agricultural to industrial and construction.

Great Customer Service

With over 20 years of experience, we are seasoned water tanks experts in Cairns, understanding the requirements of the people and delivering solutions that meet them. Our friendly and experienced team makes choosing, buying, and installing tanks easier than ever. We even do doorstep delivery and help you with the installation process. Delivery might be free or nominally charged based on the distance of your location from our nearest center.

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