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Stainless Steel Tanks

January 10, 2022
The term “stainless steel” (sometimes known as “inox steel”) comes from the word “inoxydable.” Unlike other steels, it will not corrode, rust, or discolour when exposed to moisture. A chemical element called chromium is the major distinction between stainless steel and carbon steel. Chromium acts as a shield to prevent neutralised oxygen from penetrating the […]
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Calculating Your Farm Water Usage Requirements

August 2, 2018
Careful water planning is essential before investing in your farm and costly constructions. This planning means performing a detailed water audit for your farm, calculating your farm water requirements and then working out appropriate water sources that you can tap into. This article is intended to help farmers calculate their water usage needs. Areas of Farm Water Usage While […]

Water Tank Benefits

June 12, 2018
Tanks Direct tanks are packed with features: Guaranteed one piece Roofs not cut off for transportation Ribbed side walls Greater structural integrity Self-supported roofs No internal poles or frames No vertical side seams Tanks won’t split or crack Food-grade polyethylene For safe drinking water Not all polyethylene tanks are the same! Our water tanks offer superior quality […]