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Rainwater Use Causes Health Concerns? Rainwater Contamination with Lead and Sludge

May 11, 2022
In Australia, there is a debate on the health of people using harvested rainwater. Earlier this year (2016), at the Rainwater Harvesting Association of Australia (RHAA) seminar in Sydney, a presentation that included recent research by PJ Coombes of Urban Water Cycle Solutions was presented. This article will explore some of the issues presented and the different sides. Sources […]

Site Preparation (Round Tanks)

April 21, 2022
To maximise the life of your tank you can prepare your site as follows: Uniform compaction (free from soft spots) and on level ground Tanks can be either placed on a 75-100mm bed of crusher dust (not sand), levelled, boxed and compacted, OR 100mm thick concrete pad All bases must be at least 200mm greater than the […]

Keeping Your Rainwater Tank’s Water Quality

March 17, 2022
It’s critical to make sure the rainwater that flows into your water tank is filtered and of good quality, especially if it’ll be used for laundry, drinking, or cooking. This post will go over three key points to keep in mind in order to make your water as safe as possible: Rainwater tank – The water […]

Downpipe Rainwater Diverters

February 16, 2022
Downpipe “first flush” water diverters keep roof rainfall from entering your water tank during its initial run-off. Debris and leaves, among other things, are commonly seen in the initial flush of rains. A rainfall diverter can assist keep debris out of your rainwater tank. Features and Benefits Keeps unwanted elements out of your water tank […]

Is it true that the sun shortens the life of poly water tanks?

February 7, 2022
Plastic is used to construct poly water tanks. As the polymer oxidises, plastic objects exposed to direct or indirect sunlight may develop surface chalking. They begin to degrade, become brittle, and shatter over a period of time. The fading of colour is also accelerated by UV rays. As a result, the sun’s ultraviolet (UV) light […]

How can I tell the difference between a good and a bad water tank?

January 24, 2022
There will be individuals who claim that their product or service is superior and higher quality in every business where a product or service is sold. Whether it’s better quality vegetables in burgers and pizzas or better quality technological products, the adjective “quality” is simple to attach. Some individuals are willing to pay a little […]