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Options for storing rainwater on a small property with a small water tank

January 10, 2022
The Urban Development Institute released its State of the Land Report for 2016. The trend of lot sizes of new residential land supply continues to shrink with the new average median lot size now 453 square metres across Australia. This is down by 4.3% over 2015, and down 12.2% since 2010. Quick Facts – Shrinking Lot Sizes […]

Stainless Steel Tanks

January 10, 2022
The term “stainless steel” (sometimes known as “inox steel”) comes from the word “inoxydable.” Unlike other steels, it will not corrode, rust, or discolour when exposed to moisture. A chemical element called chromium is the major distinction between stainless steel and carbon steel. Chromium acts as a shield to prevent neutralised oxygen from penetrating the […]

Getting Ready for Rainwater Harvesting on Your Roof

December 8, 2021
If you own a home or have just built a shed, chances are you’ll want to make use of its rainwater collection capabilities. The optimum answer is to instal a rainwater tank at the end of your roof’s downpipes. This post will offer you information to guarantee that your roof is properly prepared and suited […]

How to Estimate the Amount of Rainfall in Your Area

November 20, 2021
How to Estimate the Amount of Rainfall in Your Area Rainwater collected from rooftops is a high-quality supply of water that may be used for cleaning, toilet flushing, and even safe consumption if care are taken. Knowing how much water you can harvest might impact the amount and size of water tanks you buy when […]
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How Much Water Do Swimming Pools Lose Each Day?

August 2, 2018
Owning a swimming pool is a popular luxury many families love to have. Many find it refreshing to swim and float in their own private swimming area, kids especially love splashing around on the hotter days of the year – sometimes they can’t resist even the colder days! Ever thought about how much water is […]
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Calculating Your Family’s Water Usage Needs When Buying a Tank

August 2, 2018
When looking to install water storage it pays to know how much rainwater your home can harvest, as well as how much water your family consumes. This article will also explore different areas to consider, to better estimate your family’s water usage and decide on how much water storage is ideal. Average Australian Household Water Usage […]
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How to Clean Sludge Out of a Rainwater Tank

August 1, 2018
As part of proper tank maintenance procedures, it is often advised that tanks be inspected inside for sediment build-up at least every two years. This article examines tank sludge, how it gets in your tank and more importantly how you can clean it out should you find it in the bottom of your tank. What […]