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Why Screening Your Rainwater Tank is Important


Why Screening Your Rainwater Tank is ImportantIn order to collect rainwater and use it as part of your property’s water system, your rainwater tank needs to have several holes. These generally consist of:

  1. Inflow – a hole in the top of your rainwater tank where the water flows in from piping attached to your roof
  2. Overflow – a hole at the top your rainwater tank on its wall where rainwater can flow out once your tank has reached its storage capacity
  3. Outlet/s – a hole where a tap can be fitted, or piping leading to a pressure pump which pumps water throughout your property to where it is needed.

Obviously, any hole in your tank poses some risk of entry for leaves and debris, mosquitoes, insects, frogs, rodents and the like.

Consider if rainwater just flowed through a fully open hole in the top of your tank? You might have mosquitoes laying eggs, frogs swimming around and even birds trying to drink water. If one gets trapped in your tank and drowns, now you have the headache of fixing your now putrid and unsafe water supply. Thankfully, something as simple as installing a stainless steel strainer can prevent this.

What about your tank overflow? The piping attached to your tank overflow often leads to a stormwater drain. Frogs just love making their home around drain pipes. They provide great protection from birds, cats and dogs and often become wet and moist. Thankfully there is also a simple solution for this with piping or elbows that contain mesh screening.

Finally, we come to your water tank outlet/s. Normally you have your facet fitted here and/or piping that feeds into your pump which pressures water throughout your property. So there is no real issue.

Mosquito Proofing Your Water Tank

Throughout Australia, in every state, mosquitoes can rapidly breed, spread sickness and are a common pest. They breed where there are fresh water supplies. Unscreened rainwater tanks create the perfect breeding ground for mosquitoes.

What if, however, you have decided that you won’t be drinking your rainwater? Should you fully screen your rainwater tank? Beside the fact that your property will have more mosquitoes to bite you, states also dish out on-the-spot fines if your rainwater tank isn’t mosquito proof.

Screening your rainwater tank isn’t expensive or difficult. Normally such are included as part of a package when you buy your water tank. It also isn’t hard when maintaining your water tank to check your screening. So the question is really why wouldn’t you screen your rainwater tank?

National Poly Industries provides inflow and overflow screens with our round tanks and slimline tanks. For more information, contact our friendly staff today.

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