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Site Preparation and Tank Install

Correct site preparation is a must before installing your new Tanks Direct tank and we stress the importance of this to ensure the lasting lifespan of the tank.

Below are the correct installation procedures for siting your tank, using the following:

  • Concrete slab
  • Tank stand
  • Above ground on a base of compacted crusher dust to a depth of 100mm.

The above sites must be level and greater than the diameter of the tank. All ground-based tanks should be back-filled with a minimum of 30cm (1ft) of soil to help prevent undermining the base.

Upon delivery of your tank, it is important that it is secured. Tie down the tank. Your tank is fully guaranteed when sited correctly.

Please see Recommended Site Installation Instructions, or simply contact us directly if you have any further queries regarding the installation of your tank.

Site Installation Sheet

Site Installation Sheet

Download PDF (300 KB)